Kalinga Sendha Returns

Kalinga Sendha | A Study In Bullshit Happening In Odisha

The Kalinga Sendha is yet again woken up from its leisurely afternoon slumber (a habit made in solidarity with people of the land). He perks up his large ears….and hears a growing commotion. An election must be nearby, he still thinks as he tries to gaze from his half-open eyelids. Indeed, there has been changes. The roads have been freshly cemented and more posters, not just green and white but a dainty saffron flutter in the air, for him to forage on later. The youngsters in the paan shop now sport heavier, glitzier bikes and the smoke of dope and cheap alcohol lingers in the air. Everyone has a mobile, big slate-like ones.

Kalinga Sendha props up his hindlegs and totters due to the imbalance created by his heavy hump. He smells the air and picks up the gossip. The Queen is still reigning, Her reign entering adulthood now, if not any mature. There are challengers roaming the street with open scabbards, but none can still harm her, such is the charm of her aura. It’s a different matter there are crooks who pull the strings for Her, but the state’s loving, gullible and easily content people still eat out of Her hand. None, not even the Baazigar of 14 who tricked the country’s voters and rules the Sultanate, has been able to shake a grass in the Queen’s Land. For this, she is revered and feared in equal measure among friends and rivals.

The Sendha ambles along slowly as he tries to take in the changes and makes sense of things missed during his Rip Van Winkle slumber. He will, of course, put up his memoirs and dig up some dirt in the process. Stay tuned for more from him….