About KS

This Kalinga Sendha is an imposter.

There was only one original KALINGA SENDHA and we're still in awe of Him.

But being inspired by His deeds and dynamism, we can't see his legacy usurped by a bunch of unscrupulous thugs who have ganged up to rob this beautiful, rich land including the Queen who rules in His name & believes she alone knows what His dreams for the land and its people were.

This is a study in the bullshit perpetuated right now in the lay of the land, hoodwinking the common citizenry and holding them hostage by a Mafia; whose grip has only tightened over time and shows little sign of a decline. This is a protest, by a Free Spirit and Unmuted Voice, call it rebel if you will, to point a finger in the Right direction and just the Right finger.

Reach us at fodder@kalingasendha.com